City of Light Film Studios For Sale

CW and his team, together with a renowned law firm in Spain, are representing an anonymous investor in the acquisition of City of Light in Alicante. The asking price of €94.4 million.

This state-of-the-art film studio sometimes referred to as the “Mediterranean Hollywood” opened its doors in 2005. Amongst the 60 films shot at the complex are “The Impossible” staring Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts. The hit French series Asterix was also shot there. In 2012 the studio was forced to close due to poor management. Professionals have described the complex as one of the best facilities in the world.

As a popular tourist destination, Spain is in recovery and has become very attractive to investors. There has been an enormous increase by Chinese investors who are seeking business opportunities. Spain, with its almost all year around sunshine, affords history, culture, luxury hotels, beaches, Mediterranean cuisine and exciting nightlife. It has become one of the most desired destinations of the world.